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Expand Your Market Research
Your growth is dependent on reaching new markets and new prospects. There are a limited number of consumers who are in the market to buy your products and services at any given time and a seemingly unlimited number of competitors who are also trying to attract them. The advertising media you select must be able to effectively reach and positively influence those who are most likely to buy your products and services.


Target Your Best Prospects
It's common knowledge that the old "mass" or "shotgun" method is no longer viewed as a viable approach to advertising. Today, target marketing - identifying the best prospects for your products and services and focusing your advertising toward those primary targets - is the most important key to advertising success.


Generate Sufficient Message Frequency
To be successful, your advertising program must not only be targeted toward the right prospects, it must also deliver your message enough times during the course of the purchase cycle to make a favorable impact on the consumer. In other words, to be successful, advertising must be repetitive.


Reach Mobile Consumers
To say we live in a highly mobile society may be the understatement of the decade! Your best, most acquisitive customers and prospects typically jam each and every day with nonstop activity - work, school, family,exercise, shopping, and leisure - and they spend their remaining time commuting, mostly by car, from one activity to the other!


Motivate People To Shop And Buy!
Your advertising must do more than inform consumers about the products and services you have to offer. It must also make them want to buy those very same items! Experts agree that in order for advertising to be successful, an intangible but very real dynamic must take place between the advertiser and the consumer.


Establish A Relationship With Consumers
The exploding proliferation of products and services available to consumers in today's marketplace is evidence that, from the consumers' perspective, one size no longer fits all! It's true for merchandise and it's also true for advertising. Mass media is dead because your customers and prospects insist on being treated as individuals with unique needs and preferences. Meeting this emerging demand is no small challenge.


Break Through Competitive Clutter
The average consumer is bombarded by as many as 3,000 marketing impressions per day - 3,000 attempts to influence his or her purchasing behavior. The marketing community calls it media glut and the situation is not likely to improve over time. In order for your advertising to be successful, it must break through a barrage of media clutter. It must sand out from the advertising efforts of all your competitors in a way that solicits a quick, strong, and favorable response from your current customers and new business prospects.


Make A Lasting Impression
They can't buy from you if they can't remember you. The many options of what to buy and where to buy it can be totally overwhelming to consumers. That means your advertising must do even more than be targeted, repetitive, mobile, personal, and intrusive. It must also place a clear and memorable image in the mind of the consumer.


Maximize Your Media Investment
Let's face it... you wouldn't be spending your hard-earned dollars on advertising if you didn't have to! Your media costs are rising, you have more competitors who continue to expand their advertising efforts, and deciding where and how much to spend is getting increasingly complicated. But the fact is that you must advertise to influence your current customers and protect your market share, and you must certainly advertise to attract new customers and help your business grow.