George Henderson

I grew up in a friendly little town in BC called Surrey but that was a long time ago. i now consider Quesnel to be my hometown. That’s where i met my trophy wife Liesa and where we now raise our three lovely children. I take credit for all of the good things they do and any of that other stuff can be linked to their mother. As for hobbies, sports is pretty much it for me. If I’m not playing it or taking one of the kids to it, I’m watching it on TV. i went to Columbia broadcasting school in Vancouver way back in the 80's and have been at the station here in Quesnel since 1987. Remarkably I am still in my 30's....39 1/2 and a 1/2 and a 1/2 etc or something like that. The people make the Cariboo what it is and that's why we are here. As my daughter's and their friends like to say "peace out" or something like that.